July 5, 2021

A New Beginning

by Pete De La Torre

Thousands of hardworking people throughout South Florida and millions across The U.S. and the world are experiencing a major disruption in their professional and personal lives with the arrival of CoVid 19. This massive economic downturn has been a game changer for many of us. As I go back through the years, I cannot remember a more challenging time than this. For most of us, we’ve been forced out of our “comfort zone’” or as I prefer to say, “The familiar zone” to an unknown world full of doubt and uncertainty.  We stand at a crossroads, needing to decide as to which road to take, unsure of where it will lead us. This my friends is where courage, faith and determination take on a whole new meaning.  At this point we either grow or go, it’s in our hands.

The good news is that right before us whether we realize it or not, is our chance for “A new beginning” an opportunity to make a life altering decision that in many ways may just end up being our finest hour. With an open mind and a fresh outlook, we can begin the process of reinventing ourselves towards new ventures and ultimately, a better life for ourselves & our families. At this point it’s imperative that we take time to reflect, plan and think out of the box on new ways to achieve our lifelong dreams. During this period make sure you hold nothing back. Dream the big dreams; create your vision for the rest of your life. Ask yourself the big question… What do I really want? If you had no restrictions, what have you always wanted to do, to be? In many ways consider yourselves fortunate that the recent woes you’ve encountered have indeed been a blessing in disguise. Listen to what I’m saying now, there is ‘NO” time to feel sorry for yourself or to whine about how difficult things might be. There is an old saying I heard a few years ago… pain is inevitable, misery is optional! Make up your mind to stand tall and take bold steps to taking charge of your future.

All of us have something special to offer, a special set of skills, knowledge, expertise that sets us apart. Take time to discover what that is and as soon as you are clear without any hesitation, boldly go out and make it happen.  This is the time, a new beginning for the rest of your life.

Let's Soar Together!


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