August 16, 2021

Dream, Pray, Step and…. Do BIG

by Pete De La Torre

For our entire life, God has placed wonderful dreams in our hearts. Many of us have experienced some of these dreams, many have not. Why does this happen? It’s real simple, the dreams need fuel. You’ll never drive a car without gasoline. God is the fuel to make your “God Given” dreams come true. Our job is to “fill up the tank” with BIG prayers & BOLD, faithful steps. I always say, dream the BIG DREAMS, why not, they’re there for the taking. All you need to do is take action. The saddest thing in life is to allow your dreams to die of neglect. Don’t let that happen to you. God is waiting & longing to hear from you. Don’t let him down! We may not see all of our dreams become a reality or at our so called “Preferred Timing” but make sure to keep the fire and desire in your heart alive. Keep the “Engine running” with crazy dreams and prayers because If you do, you will DO BIG and God willing, even BIGGER!!

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